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Junsun TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System Plastic Case of Car Alarm logicar With 4 Build-in Sensors Tire Pressure Indicator Cap

Junsun TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System Plastic Case of Car Alarm

 Are you afraid about your car security and you want to make sure you are the car is secure so let's make it sure by using this car alarm which is the best model having a pressure monitoring system Having following specifications it becomes one of the amazing gadgets to secure your car.

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-Solar power charging, don’t need to charge by connecting car cigarette lighter
-Colourful LCD Digital displaying, clear to show tire information
-Real-time monitoring pressure & temperature of 4 tires
-Low air pressure/high-temperature alarm
-High Temperature / Leakage / Low Battery Alarm
-Intelligent Shock Boot when car moving, don’t need to turn on/off
-Wireless connect by sensors, easy install
-Build-in sensors 
-Freescale chip sensors and fit on almost 98% cars on the market


SmartKey Starter® SKS211C. The original seamless remote start for your Mercedes Benz.

SmartKey Starter® SKS211C

Now you can start your car from remote and this is one the amazing technology everyone wants to make his or her life easy and now technology is doing the same in a secure way but something specific is here, you can use the panic button on this remote which makes it out of the box, when you press the panic button once system will start car remotely and this is making it amazing for sure.

  • The Original Plug & Play remote start system for Mercedes-Benz
  • Works with factory key fob out of the box (‘Panic’ button or ‘lock-unlock-lock’)
  • Interfaces with Compustar Drone


Megatronix - TW75 - 5-Button 2-Way LCD Paging Replacement Transmitter Remote - 433.92MHz - FCC H50TR11 H5OTR11

Megatronix - TW75 - 5-Button 2-Way LCD Paging Replacement Transmitter Remote

  • 5-Button 2-way LCD paging transmitter remote with clock and temperature display (Replacement for CATX2LCD, CATX650, CA-RFLCD1, M8ARF-LED, M9ARF-LCD, M12ARF-LCD, X4RF-LCD, XT-42LCD, XT-43LCD, XT-72LCD, XT-73LCD)
  • FCC ID: H50TR11 H5OTR11 (Replacement for GOH-PAN08, GOH-PAN09, H50TR05 H5OTR05 (NOT BLUE AND RED SIDE BUTTONS), H50TR07AM H5OTR07AM, H50TR08AM H5OTR08AM, H50TR12 H5OTR12, H50TR13 H5OTR13, H50TR15 H5OTR15, H50TR17 H5OTR17, H50TR29 H5OTR29)
  • AM, superheterodyne (SAW), 433.92MHz, AAA battery powered
  • Works for CA-140, CA-170, CA-540, CA-640, CA-650, M8A, M9A, M12, M12A, PLUS-5800, PLUS-6800, RF-420, RF-425, RF-425A, RF-520, RF-525, RS-622, RS-625, RS-625A, RS-665-2W, RS-665-2WA, RS-720, RS-725, RS-727, RS-727A, X4, X9
  • Compatible with select Alert, Autopage, Bulldog, Carbine, Carroll Shelby, Code Alarm, Marksman, Megalarm, Viking (Not for Datastart, Prestige, Pursuit, TRC, Xpresskit)
  • Programming instructions included (You will need to use the system's valet/override programming switch (push button or toggle type) to perform the programming procedure)


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