Tesla is the most valuable automotive brand in 2021

Tesla is the most valuable automotive brand in 2021

Tesla is the most valuable automotive brand in 2021 - according to the latest ranking of the most valuable brands in the world, Kantar BrandZ. Tesla outranked its rivals, gaining 275% of brand value. and a valuation of $ 42 billion.

According to the latest ranking of the most valuable brands in the world, Kantar BrandZ for 2021, Tesla has become the most valuable and fastest growing automotive brand in the world.

"The brand outperformed its rivals, gaining 275 percent of its brand value and valued at $ 42 billion. For the first time, the company also recorded a full-year profit," it said.

The ranking shows that the second most valuable brand is the Japanese Toyota with a valuation of nearly $ 27 billion, with the Japanese giant recording a 5 percent decrease in value. The podium is closed by Mercedes-Benz with an estimated value of over $ 25.8 billion. and an increase of 21 percent. 4th place for BMW - brand value after an increase by 21% is over $ 24.8 billion. The fifth and sixth places were taken respectively by: Japanese Honda (worth over $ 10.5 billion) and American Ford (worth less than $ 10.5 billion).

As Kantar's marketing director Nathalie Burdet pointed out, Tesla has made a huge leap in this year's ranking, while Toyota has already established itself as a manufacturer of hybrid / electric cars. "On the other hand, other recognized car manufacturers, such as Mercedes Benz or BMW, also see that the growth of the value of their brands is beneficial for such activities as transforming the production process of new cars or promoting hybrid and electric vehicles and other vehicles with modern drives" - .

In her opinion, those brands that increased their value in this year's index made faster adjustments and their efforts were rewarded. "At the moment, automotive brands are facing a challenge - they are expected to take responsibility for the entire production and use cycle of vehicles and to clearly communicate their progress to their customers," she noted.

She pointed out that when it comes to ecology, Tesla occupies a model position, while the automotive industry as a whole lags behind other sectors.

Kantar points out that, although from 2020 all car brands are increasingly perceived as dealing with environmental issues in a responsible manner, they are still perceived as a sector lagging behind others included in the ranking.

"To catch up with Tesla, brands such as Toyota need to communicate their environmental efforts more clearly and use this aspect to clearly distinguish themselves from the competition," it said.

According to Kantar's experts, the results of this year's ranking show that brands need to significantly establish relationships with recipients in order to build their business. "Even Tesla - the brand that achieved the highest valuation and overtook Toyota by becoming the most valuable automotive brand in the ranking - has the chance to meet the needs of more consumers as it becomes more meaningful in their lives. Automotive brands have long used marketing to position themselves. on dimensions such as attractiveness, modernity and adventure. However, the lack of effective communication of values ​​related to openness and honesty may inhibit future growth, as consumers increasingly choose brands that show their commitment to ethical and social activities "- they indicated.

In addition, Kantar points out that only the top four car brands achieved a value high enough to qualify for the Top 100 Global Brands ranking, with Tesla taking a cosmic leap to land at No. 47 right away.

The ranking of the most valuable brands in the world, Kantar BrandZ, is carried out by the Kantar company, it has been created since 1998 (PAP)

author: Longina Grzegórska-Szpyt

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