The Hidden Elon Musk Of Ghana

The Hidden Elon Musk Of Ghana

Yeah, you heard right there is a boy in Ghana who called by people an "Elon Musk Of Ghana". Why? Let's get to know!

A boy from a poor family is building awesome cars from scratch without having any college degree in engineering. He is building an entire car from scratch. His real name is Kelvin.

Yes! he is from the country where average people earn $300 only per month but instead of this he has followed his passion and taught himself everything from scratch. He is building amazing things since he was 10 years old.

Let's see what Kelvin created:

1. A car which opens like a Ferrari.
2. Can go up to 300 horsepowers.
3. Has a wheel, a mirror, and a gear stick.
4. A radio for music.

It's cost him less than $3000.

He is not going to stop here, his dreams are to build an electric car, aeroplanes, and rocket ships.

Let's wish him good luck because he is doing great.

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