What is magic in general? Is it an art of hands ability? Or maybe something, that you cannot explain but enjoy it? Or maybe it is just well-prepared lie with the matter of bring happiness? Anyway, all of us like magicians and illusionists. Everybody likes good trick.

    And did you see their assistants? They are so beautiful, that you want to become a magician just because of assistants!

    This page was created in order to plunge you into the magic world. Talking more precisely – micromagic. What is the difference? All that you need, you may always have in your pocket.. You may take your stuff anywhere you want and any time begin your magic show using only small, usual things like matches, coins or playing cards.

     What does it mean in general – being a magician? Obvious question from you. And I will tell you the answer according to my own experience:

     - being magician means always get on well at any party, be the king of the party.

     - You may get acquainted with any person easy and in unusual way, beginning your relationships with magic trick even on the street with the girl, you like!

    - people are looking at You like you are a warlock

    - if You are staying on the stage You do not need to sing, You have an alternative

    - and of course, the first rule of the magic – magician should always be smarter than the spectator and never tell the secret.

    Personally for me, magic may be devided into two categories – hands ability and preparation.

    As far as you join us you need to decide for yourself – who are you? And what do you want to study?

    I will show you two videos that will explain you what I am talking about, and from this point we are beginning! Welcome!


    Prepared Magic

    Bicycle standard deck review

    The first deck of card.

    No matter who are you going to be - perfect cardistr or amazing illusionist - you need some stuff to do your tricks and shows. For the beginners - the best choice in the world of card magic is Bicycle standard deck. Look the overview on the left side and make sure yourself - this deck is excellent option for You! And if you are interested in that, on the right side we have link. You can buy your first deck of cards there and do not worry that you may be cheated. 
    Everybody remembers his (her) first deck of card and it is always special deck for him(her). Make your first choice properly! 

    Quarter Bite Trick

    Bite Out Quarter

    Look this amazing magic trick with the usual coin from David Blaine! The reactions of the spectators are perfect. Do you want to do the same? Look at the right side! And you may get the same "usual" coin and impress your friends. Explanaitions are attached with the quarter. 
    Fascinating trick to begin your show!

    Three Card Monte Trick Video

    Gecko trick! Make anything disappear.