Christmas shopping 2020

Christmas shopping 2020

We buy gifts responsibly, preferably from local producers and environmentally friendly - advises Agata Rudnicka from the Faculty of Management, University of Lodz. She pointed out that entrepreneurs suffering from the pandemic and the environment will benefit from a lower carbon footprint.

Dr. Agata Rudnicka from the Faculty of Management at the University of Lodz, referring to the Deloitte report "Christmas Shopping 2020", which shows that we will spend an average of PLN 680 on gifts, indicates that the holiday season is the perfect time to introduce a new dimension of gifts to the family tradition, i.e. gifts that respect the environment and preferably locally.

According to her, already at the stage of choosing the packaging, we can show that we are not only creative by preparing our own compositions, but also care for the environment by giving up plastic, wrapping gifts in paper and decorating ourselves.

Rudnicka points out the research that Poles like to donate cosmetics. In her opinion, Christmas is a very good opportunity to test new products, i.e. environmentally friendly cosmetics. It pays attention to both vegan and fewer waste products, i.e. those that do not generate additional waste.

He adds that if the cosmetics are not what we want to give, you can shop around for the so-called eco-gadgets that are also very functional. "When looking for responsible gifts, it is also worth paying attention to certificates, such as fair trade and buying coffee, tea or clothes that were made in conditions of respect for human rights and the environment" - she noted.

Rudnicka pointed out that the pandemic has severely damaged the ability of small entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals. Therefore, when looking for the perfect gift, it is worth making a diagnosis in our environment.

"Small bookstores, craftsmen, artists, small factories with cosmetics, candles, producers of specialities from the region or restaurateurs offering vouchers, these are just a few opportunities to find something unique with the simultaneous support of local entrepreneurs" - she said.

As she emphasized, by buying locally, we will additionally achieve the environmental goal and reduce the carbon footprint.

According to the expert, responsible gifts will also save us from a mass of unnecessary things that will eventually end up in a landfill.

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