How we will spend this year's holidays

How we will spend this year's holidays

The star is just around the corner and with it the constant dilemmas related to gifts. This year, we found ourselves in a difficult situation related to the pandemic, which is why the Unique Gift, together with the research company Grupa 4P, conducted a social survey to check how it influenced Poles' plans related to celebrating Christmas. They show, inter alia, that 85% of respondents intend to spend Christmas at home and at the same time 44% declare that they will not change their habits compared to the previous years.

We stay at home for Christmas

We are used to visiting families during Christmas and celebrating together, but research has shown that as many as 85% of Poles this year intend to spend them at home, 25% with their family, and only 3% with their friends (last year's survey indicated that 60% of us will spend Christmas at home). 44% of respondents claim that they do not intend to change the way they spend Christmas.

how will we spend the holidays this year?

We are moving to online

Holidays are also a shopping rush and often put aside many things to the last minute. Shopping malls are filled with customers, but over the past few months we have quickly become convinced to buy online. The e-commerce industry has been growing rapidly for a long time, but has recently gained additional momentum and we buy almost everything online, including of course gifts.

where you are going to shop online

Every year we have a similar dilemma - what and where to buy a Christmas present. When asked where to buy gifts, the research showed that shopping malls would be visited by 37% for this purpose, other stores by 47%. On the other hand, most people, as many as 59%, declare that they will buy gifts online.

The pandemic, and especially its second, autumn wave, seriously affected the finances of many Poles. In fear of the health of household budgets, we spend money more carefully, as it is difficult to predict what will happen in the coming months. Therefore, it could be assumed that this year's gifts will take a rather symbolic form, but on the other hand, we often hear among friends and relatives that we cannot save once a year, especially on gifts. 46% of the respondents themselves replied that they would reduce spending on Christmas gifts, while as many as 38% do not plan any changes here.

How much will we spend on gifts this year?

spending on holidays

So how much money are we going to spend on it? 9% of respondents plan to spend up to PLN 50 for gifts, from PLN 50 to PLN 100 12%, 23% of respondents between PLN 100 and 200, 20% to PLN 300, 13% will spend between PLN 300 and PLN 400. Amounts above PLN 400 will be allocated as much as 22% for gifts. Summing up, it turns out that over 2/3 of the respondents declared spending on Christmas gifts from PLN 50 to 400.

The declared expenses indicate a cautious approach to the purchase of gifts. However, it should be remembered that the fever of Christmas shopping can frustrate our plans and when browsing the store's offer on the Internet or walking around the shopping mall, we often forget about our decisions and buy on impulse. In this case, he explains to us that this is the only time of the year when mutual giving is so natural and expected.

What kind of gifts do we buy most?

While giving gifts is almost a certainty among Poles, it is worse with their choice. We are generally stressed out what we will buy for our loved ones this time. However, there are gifts that belong to the classics, so it is not surprising that as many as 52% choose cosmetics, and 42% choose clothes and accessories. Perhaps due to the current situation and more frequent spending of time at home, 44% intend to buy gifts for use at home.

Shopping vouchers in fashion

Gift cards are also becoming more and more popular, which together with experience vouchers constitute over 20% of planned gifts. Most large stores have gift cards in their offer, and their popularity is due to the obvious pragmatism of such a solution. Those who decide to present a gift card take some responsibility, and on the other hand, the recipient makes the best choice according to his preferences.

“The Unique Gift offers a number of solutions that leave the recipient to choose from, they are gift cards, but also Experience Packages, in which many gifts in the form of experiences are combined, and the recipient chooses one of them. The company has been on the Polish market for 13 years. We are the precursors of the sale of gifts in the form of survival vouchers and each year we observe more and more interest in them. People need impressions that can be remembered for life, and material gifts usually do not have such emotional durability. Our offer includes over 3,500 various experiences and we can meet virtually every need and expectations in this respect. Among them we also have proprietary projects that are the most popular, such as Dinner in the Darkness implemented in eight Polish cities, which has already been used by over 100,000 people. Our offer is expanding dynamically, but we have gifts that are popular all the time "- such as culinary gifts, trips or super car rides" - says Jakub Matuszewski, managing director of the Unique Gift.

Missed gift and dream gift?

We do not always know the dreams of our relatives whom we give, and among the missed gifts, the respondents mentioned many examples - from socks, two pairs of the same gloves, a steamer, "leggings for the hundredth time", through an epilator, to a laptop, which is definitely not cheap gifts.

In such a situation, a reliable gift seems to be the choice of a trip, which 44% of respondents indicated as a dream gift. It is also the most expensive option that not everyone can afford to buy. However, it is worth remembering that even a short weekend trip outside the city can be such an unforgettable gift.


Exceptional Gift vouchers, apart from the guarantee of great fun, are extremely practical. They can be sent to a loved one by e-mail as an eVoucher in a pdf file for self-printing, but also by courier, Polish Post or delivered to a parcel locker. This year's limitations on contacts will not be a problem in giving the gift. It is also important that such a gift is valid for up to 3 years and during this time you can always exchange it for another.

“We are gift specialists and we know that the best is the one that is given from the heart and with a loved one in mind. The price is irrelevant - it is important that we remember and want to make the other person happy, ”adds Jakub Matuszewski.

About the study

The survey was commissioned by the Unique Gift using the CAWI method on November 27 - December 2, 2020 on a representative sample of Poles aged 18-70. N = 1014. Structure representative of the population by sex, age, education, and size of the place of residence. Research carried out by the 4P Group (4P research mix).

Source of information: Unique Gift

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