There are no nationwide guidelines for Christmas carols

There are no nationwide guidelines for Christmas carols

There are no national guidelines for Christmas carols. Due to the pandemic, pastoral visits have been cancelled, postponed or will take place in a changed form, depending on the decision of the local bishop, said the spokesman of the Polish Bishops' Conference, Rev. Leszek Gęsiak SJ.

In the information provided on Monday to PAP by the press office of the Episcopate, Fr. Leszek Gęsiak recalled that "each bishop decides in what form to conduct this year's + Christmas carol +". He explained that everything will depend on the epidemiological situation in the area.


"In some dioceses the pastoral visit has been cancelled, in others it has been postponed to a later time, and in still others, instead of the traditional visits of priests at home, there will be Masses for parishioners in the church" - noted the spokesman of the Episcopate.

He emphasized that there are no national guidelines regarding the Christmas carol. He encouraged people to follow bishops' announcements and parish announcements in churches and on parish websites to stay up to date on a pastoral visit to a particular diocese.

He also added that the same applies to dispensations given by bishops from the Mass. on the celebration of Christmas.

"When it comes to dispensations from participation in the Eucharist on Sundays and holidays, one should also follow the messages of individual ordinaries, who will inform the faithful about such a possibility in their diocese" - said the spokesman of the Episcopate.

Author: Magdalena Gronek

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