How to dress up for your new year party?

How to dress up for your new year party?

Our favourite week is going on, the holiday week. We hope you had a great Christmas so let’s start by making your new year great. We hope your new year eve is planned either if it’s a party or by having a good cake kind of get together with cake, books and friends
Whatever it is your dress should tell that it is a new year, all over it just not a new year it is a full new decade starting!

Tips to dress up:

~Dress comfortably.
Yeah, first of all, choose a dress which is comfortable for you so that you can fully concentrate on your party and get together. Be it your dress, accessories or shoes, make yourself comfortable.

Try out your dress in advance.
Don’t wear the dress all along the same day, try the whole attire beforehand so you can check if you are comfortable and there are no issues with your attire.

~ Keep a backup dress!
Yeah, this may not seem important at first but actually, it is, you should always be ready for mishappenings. So keep another dress ready which is in good shape.

~ Shop the best!
Don’t be in a hurry, shop for a dress which you think would be a good fit for you.

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Blue cotton mix sparkle detail fitted dress from P.A.R.O.S.H. highlighting a mid-length, a slipover, short sleeves and a back zip affixing.

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2. Prada Leather Sandals

We would speculate that these were not the blue calfskin shoes that the King of Pop was singing about. Be that as it may, they're striking to the point that they truly merit their very own tune. Any volunteers to keep in touch with one? Highlighting a marked insole, an open toe, a square tip, a lower leg lash with a side clasp securing, a stage sole and a stout high heel.

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3. Cult Gaia Bamboo Luna Crossbody Bag

Beige bamboo Luna shoulder bag from Cult Gaia featuring a detachable shoulder strap and a sheer construction.

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