Things you should know before shopping online

Things you should know before shopping online

With the exponential increase in e-commerce, more and more people are buying stuff online. As with
anything else on the web, keeping yourself safe from cybercrime is an issue that is very relevant in
the present times. Fraudsters, scammers, and hackers may take an advantage of your lack of
knowledge about online payment safety, or being unsure about online transactions may cost you to
lose on a good deal from the comfort of your own home. Here are some things that you must know
before shopping online.

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1. Bogus retailers

Check carefully to see whether the retailer that you are buying from is real or not. Try to see
if the retailer is well known in the online community or if they deliver your things safely in a
good condition.


2. Fake Websites
Sometimes a very low price on an item is suspicious, especially if you have never heard of the
site before. Avoid giving your bank details to such websites and be cautious of any deals
which seem too good to be true.
3. Fake reviews
Although it is a good practice to check the reviews before buying anything, but do not
believe any reviews blindly. Sellers sometimes pay the reviewers for fake reviews. A healthy
amount of skepticism is necessary when checking the reviews online.

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4. Shipping and return policy
Always check the shipping policy of the product you are buying and see if a return is available.
Fake sellers may send poor quality products which you make not be able to return due to
their return policies.
5. Unsafe Transaction Page
The webpage on which you enter your transaction details may not be free from fraudulent
eyes. Check for the padlock symbol beside the page name and always check to see if the
payments interface is fully legitimate.