4 Unknown Faces of Machine Learning | Future of ML

4 Unknown Faces of Machine Learning | Future of ML

In Today’s Era Machine Learning is everywhere, From the start of your day till the end, you don't know how much ML you have used, but you should know what type of Machine Learning you are going to use.

That's why I am going to explain some essential faces of Machine Learning.

Artificial Intelligence

It adds decision-making capabilities to computers, which we can experience in daily life as recommendation engines and other places. Now AI is the main streams of many cloud-based companies like Amazon, Alibaba, Google, and Microsoft but to survive or expand AI don't need Cognitive computing, it's independent and can control future in the form of  Intelligent Code Snippets.

Cognitive computing

Cognitive computing is the sensory branch of ML. Using algorithms and sensors, computers can "see," "hear" and "feel," although there are also efforts underway that address  "smell" and "taste." 

Cognitive Computing is the way laymen experience AI in daily life.

Cognitive Computing is all about adding artificial sensory capabilities to machines and adding a brain to devices. This ability makes computers think, behave, and act like humans.

Machine Learning

It requires a massive amount of data to make predictions according to business and research needs. Nowadays businesses are moving into tech, and they want to know the trend of the upcoming future, so they are using this massively. It is making data more valuable in current days.

"ML is learning from data, historical facts, identifying patterns & relations, and then predicting what's next." 

Deep Learning

Deep learning takes the idea of machine learning, where you let machines learn from data, and then applies the way our brain thinks(human brains), Deep learning uses neural science and neurological techniques to make patterns for predictions.

Deep Learning is the advanced form of ML to build the e-brain correctly.


Now everyone is talking about e-brain and making machines more perfect as you know Tech Gaint Google has its ongoing neural brain to work on search results and other algorithms enhancement.