Absen further improves the quality of meetings and presentations

Absen further improves the quality of meetings and presentations

SHENZHEN, China, February 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / - Absen (SZSE: 300389) further improves the quality of meetings and presentations with the new Absenicon 3.0. The new Absenicon 3.0 is a comprehensive LED screen for meetings and presentations.

The new, improved version has been developed as the ideal visual solution for luxurious meeting rooms, lecture halls and lecture halls in business, government, education and other venues where a reliable and elegant-looking monitor is needed for effective communication.

Absenicon 3.0 has a 5mm frame and a flat-screen with a depth of 28.5 mm, a thin structure, in which 94% of the entire area is covered by the screen, which ensures excellent quality, smooth large-format image.

With brightness adjustable from 0 to 350 nits, Absenicon 3.0 is ideal for open and bright rooms. The product has a colour coverage of 110% and a contrast of 5000: 1, thanks to which it can display the content in detail, accurately and clearly reflecting the colours. In addition, the ultra-wide 160 ° viewing angle allows participants to be more agile and productive in meetings.

Absenicon's comprehensive product design includes a complete control, operation and sound system, eliminating the need for a traditional control module and video processor. The cables are hidden in the design, giving the entire screen a neat and elegant look.

Thanks to the new intelligent control system, operating the Absenicon 3.0 is as simple as watching TV. The included remote control allows the user to easily turn the screen on and off, change digital channels and control brightness and menu settings displayed on the screen (OSD).

Absenicon 3.0 supports two operating systems, including Android 8.0 and Windows 10. After scanning the QR code, users can share content from a computer, smartphone or tablet, while taking notes on these devices during the conference. Absenicon 3.0 is able to share four screens simultaneously and display various creative ideas.

Two people are needed to assemble the device and only two hours of time. Two mounting options are available (wall-mounted and portable). Service of Absenicon 3.0 can be done from the front. It takes only a few seconds to disconnect the module using a special tool, which makes installation and maintenance quick and convenient.

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