Amazon launches Alexa Skills Blueprints in India

The largest e-commerce and cloud computing platform in the world, Amazon has launched Alexa Skills Blueprints program in India, where it will allow users to create and share their custom AI skills for Alexa. The Alexa skill blueprint will allow users to use over 30 templates to create their own Alexa skills within minutes and get these published on Amazon.


Users can plump for a variety of categories like Fun and Games, Learning and Knowledge, At Home and Storyteller to create custom games, unique stories, or household lists. The advantage of this Blueprint feature is that users don’t need to have the knowledge for coding an Alexa skill. After creating a skill they can submit them for certification so that the customized content can later on go live on the Alexa Skills Store.


Universities and religious organizations can use the University and Spiritual Talks blueprints to make their live recording audio content accessible on Alexa-enabled devices.

The user just needs to follow certain steps to publish their own skill:

Img SRC:TechCrunch

Step1: Name and Test your skill i.e. one needs to add the skill and the name of a person or company who owns the skill.

Step2: Details here one needs to select the category such as fun, games, storyteller and then select your own icon with the description of the skill what can it do.

Step3: Policy in this user needs to select whether your skills are for less than 13-year-old children or for advertising purpose.

Step 4: Review and Submit once everything is filled out you can review and submit for Alexa certification.


The skills once published will be reviewed by Amazon and one will get an email for the outcome within 1 to 2 business days.

“Publishing blueprint skill allows customers and content creators to share their passions, creativity, and interests with anyone even though they may not have a technical background,” said Dilip RS, Country Manager of Alexa Skills at Amazon India.

Move ahead and show your creativity you never know, your skill can be one of those which will be widely used in Alexa….


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