Google The Boon In Technology Sector For Users

Birth Of Google

We all know about Google's importance in today's life, everyone is doing Google for everything no matter wherever you are stuck, you can ask Google and it will give you the best results but how the world was before Google so that's the real story of Google.


Founders of Google realized that there is so many information which can solve the problem of people but they can find it easily. They figured out the concept of a search engine and implemented the things accordingly by using the perfect algorithm. This is the beginning of the Tech giant and Google was officially launched in 1998 by Two Most Innovative Founders Larry Page and Serry Brin. From 2003 their never-ending growth journey begins and they have launched so many revolutionary products.

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Let's Have a Look Products By Google

The successful tech giant launched so many revolutionary products like Google News in 2002, Gmail in 2004, Google Maps in 2005, Google Chrome in 2008, Google Images, Google Finance, Youtube, Google Shopping, Google Books, Google Patents, Google Scholar, Google Dataset Search, Google Hotel Finder, Google Alerts, Google Assistant, Google Custom Search, Google Flights, Google Groups, Google Translate, and Google Web History.
Advertising Services

1. Google Ads
2. Google Marketing Platform
3. Google Ad Manager
4. AdMob
5. Google AdSense
6. Google Ad Grants


Communication and Publishing Tool

1. Google Cultural Institute
2. Google Art Project
3. FeedBurner
4. Google 3D WareHouse
5. G Suite
6. Google Hire
7. Blogger
8. Google Business Solutions
9. Google Calendar
10. Google Charts
11. Google Docs
12. Google Domains
13. Google Drive
14. Google Hangouts
15. Gmail
16. Google Keep
17. Google Account
18. Google Sites
19. SMS Channels
20. Speak to Tweet
21. Google Voice
22. Google Fonts
23. Google Classroom
24. Google Cloud

Development Tool

1. Google App Engine
2. Google Developers
3. Dart
4. Flutter
5. Go
6. OpenSocial
7. Google Page Speed Tools
8. Google Web ToolKit
9. Google Search Console
10. Translator Toolkit

Security Tool

2. Google Safe Browsing
3. Titan Security Key

Map-related Products

1. Google Maps
2. Google My Maps
3. Google Mars
4. Google Moon
5. Google Sky
6. Google Transit
7. Google Santa Tracker
8. Smarty Pins

Statistical Tools

1. Google Analytics
2. Google Surveys
3. Freebase
4. Google Fusion Table
5. Google Ngram Viewer
6. TenserFlow
7. Google Trends

Operating System

1. Android
2. Chrome OS
3. Wear OS
4. Android Auto
5. Google TV
6. Android TV
7. Glass OS
8. Google Fuchsia

Desktop Applications
1. Adwords Editor
2. Google Chrome
3. Google Earth
4. Google Input Tools
5. Google Japanese Input
6. Google Pinyin
7. Google ToolBar
8. Android Studio
9. Google Web Designer
10. Google Drive
11. Google Photo Backup
12. Tilt Brush

Mobile Web Applications
1. Google Calendar
2. Drive
3. Gmail
4. Google Keep
5. Google Maps
6. Maps Navigation
7. Google News
8. Google Offers
9. Google Photos
10. Google Search
11. Google Tez
12. Google Pay
13. Google Pay Send
14. Google Translate

1. Google Driverless Car
2. Nexus One
3. Chromebook
4. PixelBook
5. Google Contact
6. Google Home
7. Google Contact Lens
8. Pixel Slate
9. Nest Labs
10. JamBoard

1. Google Cloud Platform
2. Google Crisis Response
3. Google Fi
4. Google Fiber
5. Google Station
6. Google Public DNS
7. Google Ideas
8. Google Person Finder
9. Google Fiberbase
10. Google Cast
11. Stadia

Why Google Search Engine Plays Big Role in Google Products List

Google Search Engine is working as a backbone of the company because it is the way by which Google can check current trends and according to that optimize the process of Google Marketing Tools. Companies choose Google for the best marketing of their product because of Google's best advertising algorithm which gives flexibility to advertisers choose the exact targeted customers or users according to the business requirements.

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Google Search Engine has many other different features on the basis of that Google always trying to improve the user experience for all its products. There is no doubt the company is always working on the search engine to make it more efficient and powerful for users.

How Google Improves Future

Google has many projects ongoing on the basis of that you can Google is working on improving things for the future. One of the best Google Project is Deepmind.

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Deepmind is the future of Google because it will control many things on the basis of Artificial Intelligence in the future that's why Google is continuously working on this. According to sources, Deepmind for Google takes cutting-edge machine learning research pioneered by Deepmind and uses it to have a real-world impact at Google scale.

Final Words About Google

I am sure Google will always work like this and help us to experience new technology and solutions. Google is the real boon for users because it gives us many things to use.
Google has a true hand in the open source field also that shows the company is working for good will. Google always try to improve the things around the world doesn't matter how long it will take to improve it and that's the point for which users like Google.

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