Instagram for kids will be a malicious application

Instagram for kids will be a malicious application

Health organizations and parents believe the version of the Instagram app for kids will be harmful to the little ones. To this end, they sent a letter to Facebook, the operator of the Instagram application, in which they demanded to abandon their plans to launch it on the market.

As reported by "BBC", the letter was initiated by Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, an American organization associating health care workers, teachers, a support group and parents, and working to limit children's access to advertising.

The petition addressed to Marek Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO, was signed by 99 signatories - 35 organizations and 64 experts.

In the second half of March, the social platform announced that it was creating a version of Instagram - an application for sharing multimedia content - for children under thirteen, which would be controlled by their parents.

The signatories of the letter to the platform argued that the ubiquitous focus on Instagram on sharing photos and the appearance of users is particularly harmful to children who are at a "key" moment of development. "Children and teenagers, especially girls, have learned to identify their overly sexually driven filtered photos with greater recognition on the platform and popularity among their peers."

The letter also cited a report by the UK's Royal Society for Public Health, which rated Instagram as having the worst impact of all on the mental health of young people and increasing the risk of eating disorders, cyberbullying and pedophilia.

It was also pointed out that children would also become the target of advertisers. They referred to the analysis of the agency that monitors the Sprout Social network, according to which every third Instagram post is an advertisement. (PAP)