Microsoft offers $100,000 to hack its custom Linux OS

Microsoft offers $100,000 to hack its custom Linux OS

Microsoft is offering programmers up to $100,000 on the off chance that they can break the security of the organization's custom Linux OS. The software giant built a compact and custom version of Linux last year for its Azure Sphere OS, which is designed to run on specialized chips for its Internet of Things (IoT) platform. The OS is purpose-built for this platform, ensuring basic services and apps run isolated in a sandbox for security purposes.

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Microsoft now needs programmers to test the security of the Azure Sphere OS, settling up to $100,000 if the Pluton security subsystem or Secure World sandbox is penetrated. The bug abundance program is a piece of a three-month inquire about test that runs from June first until August 31st. “We will award up to $100,000 bounty for specific scenarios in the Azure Sphere Security Research Challenge during the program period,” clarifies Sylvie Liu, a security program administrator at Microsoft's Security Response Center.

The test is centered around the Azure Sphere OS itself, and not the hidden cloud parcel that is as of now qualified for Azure abundance program grants. Microsoft is explicitly searching for a gathering of security scientists to attempt to break its Linux OS security. Physical assaults are out of the extension, yet specialists can apply to be a piece of the test here.

Azure Sphere was announced at last year’s Build developer conference, and it’s still relatively new. Businesses like Starbucks are rolling out Azure Sphere to secure its store equipment, which feeds back data points on the type of beans, coffee temperature, and water quality for every shot of espresso.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sees IoT gadgets as a key zone for the organization, depicting its cloud business as the greatest equipment business at Microsoft prior this year. Nadella is pursuing the billions of IoT gadgets that examiners anticipate will be being used throughout the following decade. Purplish blue Sphere is a key piece of the crucial assistance to make sure about and deal with these gadgets and some portion of Microsoft's expanded push to win a world past Windows that is progressively moving to distributed computing.

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