Ready To Schedule Your Important Mails on Gmail

Sometimes we really want to schedule some emails like birthday wishing emails, pre-planned leave emails, and important meeting notes email before meeting but it's not possible with present Gmail version. The guys working in Google are developing this feature for us. In a few months or weeks, we can schedule our important emails easily by using Gmail. According to the TechRadar report, scheduled emails can be sent even if you're offline or your phone battery is dead. Gmail team is planning to launch this feature on the 15th birthday of Gmail but we are not sure about the exact launch dates of this feature. Let's wait to use this cool feature, Google is always working to make our life easy and smooth. Now Gmail is offering so many advanced features like cool interface, AI to help write your emails and many others. Many of us using gmail in our daily life and after the launch of Gmail suite, everything is really easy now you don't need to use that creepy office emails host. Your company can easily take subscription of gsuite service to enjoy an easy and perfect service of Google.

What is Gsuite?

Gsuite is a smart package of important tools for your business. Now you don't need to worry about different tools at different locations. Gsuite is offering you everything at one place with enough storage space, 24/7 live support, Advance Admin controls, Mobile device management, and easy data migration. Get Gmail, docs, drive, and calendar for your business. Now you can make your business hassle-free with Gsuite smart package.

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