Secret-Sharing App Whisper exposes private data of nearly 900 mn users!

Secret-Sharing App Whisper exposes private data of nearly 900 mn users!

A social App, known as Whisper is known to expose personal data of millions in a security threat. It is basically a social media platform where people can share their deepest secrets anonymously.

Though it didn’t consider name but had various data like stated age, ethnicity, gender, hometown, nickname and membership in groups and the location of the last post by user.

The data of users signed up as age 15 was exposed. Basically, the database containing all their information was public and also though it didn’t contain users' names but had information to exact location co-ordinates which can be mapped to know the detail of the user.

As the app contained very personal and intimate data of users because the users can discuss their personal desires secretly and also chat with people alongside the same interest, it can be used to blackmail users once tracked, exposing their sensitive information.

The app first launched in 2012, and the location permission was taken of users in 2014 and since then it is exposed publically. All this is actually much of a concern as it allows children of age 13 to sign up on the app.

Though now the database has been protected after the concerned issues were raised to the company and the access to all the data has been blocked.

MediaLab, the parent company of the app states that location enabling was a feature of the app and was provided bu users itself to add more authenticity to the data they shared on the application.

How to stay safe?

At the time of technology, it is very important to check upon what apps are you using, what all data you are sharing and most important what all permissions it has access to.  Your data can be accessed by hackers and lead to a sensitive security threat, make sure the apps you are using are safe, also please avoid sharing your intimate information on the internet, just keep it away from the digital world to ensure your own safety.