Webcam - what to look for when buying?

Webcam - what to look for when buying?

Despite the fact that many people have returned to the offices, a large number still work in the home office mode. Remote work is a convenience - we do not stand in traffic jams, our home is peaceful and quiet. However, we should remember about the appropriate equipment that will increase the comfort of performing business duties. I am talking about video calls, among other things. Sure, you'll need a good webcam. It is worth knowing what to look for when buying.

Webcam - not only for PC users

First of all, let's start with the fact that the webcam is not just for PC users. We are talking about models that connect to a computer via a USB cable. Notebook owners, usually with such an element already built in, may also be interested in buying an external device. Why? The answer is simple. Built-in models offer much worse sound and picture quality. Unfortunately, this can significantly worsen the reception, and yet it is very important during video calls - especially business or educational ones.

Just compare the image quality of your laptop's built-in webcam to an external model such as the Alio FHD84 or FHD120 to see the difference. All thanks to a much more advanced sensor and lens. These elements make the image quality much better. You can see it with the naked eye, and it can be confirmed by numerous tests prepared by the media.

What to pay attention to when buying?

If we decide to buy a camera, we should pay attention to what parameters it offers. Image resolution is especially important. Today, the absolute minimum is Full HD, although there are models such as Alio 4k120 that offer 4K video resolution, which of course translates into much greater detail of the transmitted image. Another equally important aspect is the refresh rate. Video footage will look good at thirty frames per second (fps). Demanding users who expect dynamic images should look for models that offer sixty frames.

It is also worth paying attention to the width of the viewing angle offered by a given model. It is very important because this parameter, as the name says, suggests whether the user "on the other side" will see only us, or even the entire room. The wider the angle, the larger the field of view will be recorded. We need to consider whether we prefer that the person we are talking to focuses only on us - then we need to choose a model with a narrower viewing angle (up to 90 degrees) or whether we will present ourselves during the transmission, for example, a board on which information valuable to the interlocutor will be visible - in this case, we suggest choosing a model with a wider angle.

Let's not forget that a video call is not only an image, but also a sound. Therefore, the webcam should be equipped with a good microphone that offers omnidirectional reception and adequate coverage. In the case of models that will work at home, a microphone that will offer a range of up to three meters, for example, is more than enough.

Additional aspects important when choosing a webcam

We already know the basic requirements when it comes to purchasing a camera. When planning the purchase, it is also worth paying attention to the issue of "cooperation" of this type of product with a computer. We should find a model that is easy to install on a plug-and-play basis. In this case, it is enough to connect the device to the computer via a USB port, and leave the installation to the software that will do it for us. Staying with the applications, the manufacturer should provide us with wide compatibility with popular programs used for videoconferencing. These include Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, Discord and Cisco. It is worth checking the technical specification - we should find the mentioned information there.

Finally, let's check how the camera is mounted - some manufacturers, for example Alio, offer the option of not only installing on the monitor. There is a special thread on the housing of the device, which allows the camera to be mounted on a tripod. In addition to the mounting method, pay attention to the length of the USB cable. The longer it is, the greater our room for maneuver.

A properly selected model will ensure greater comfort of video calls

A wisely selected webcam will make communication - for example with a client, more pleasant. More details, high resolution, "clear" sound - these are the key considerations when choosing a camera. To find out the details of the specifications of the devices mentioned in the article, and to check other models, visit the manufacturer's website. Just click on this link .

Source of information: Karol Snopek (LS Media Sp. Z oo)

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