Firefox Latest Update Blocks Online Trackers

Firefox Latest Update Blocks Online Trackers

The web browser Mozilla Firefox latest update is blocking certain kinds of online tracking, leaving Google’s Chrome as the only major browser that doesn’t bar these tools by default.


Now, new downloads of Firefox will automatically block trackers known as third-party cookies, which can follow users around the web and log their activity. Safari blocked them in 2017. It's been reported that this year, Google might do the same sent shares of some ad tech companies lower.

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For years, cookies have been an intrinsic part of how the internet works. Advertisers use them to hitchhike with people around the web, enabling marketing strategy such as showing a relevant ad to someone who left your website to try to persuade them to return. As concerns about privacy grow, tech companies and advertisers have come under compulsion to limit online tracking and data collection.

Obstructing the trackers by default is important, said Dave Camp, a Mozilla senior vice president who oversees Firefox. Google’s process relies too much on people who don’t know how online advertising works, he added.

Google, mostly depends on advertising for most of its revenue and profit, has argued for a more varied approach than Apple and Firefox.

Enhanced Tracking Protection blocks sites from tracking you

Individuals who install and download Firefox for the first time, Enhanced Tracking Protection will be set on by default as part of the setting in the browser and will restrict from tracking cookies. Tracking Protection will be practically unseen to you and you’ll only notice the operation when you visit a site and see a shield icon in the address bar next to the URL. When you see the shield icon, you should sit back and relax that Firefox is blocking thousands of companies from tracking your online activity.

For those who want to see which companies they have blocked,

  • You can directly click on the shield icon, go to the Content Blocking section, then Cookies.
  • Then, the user needs to click on the arrow provided on the right-hand side, and they will see the companies listed as third-party cookies and trackers that Firefox has blocked.
  • If one wants to turn off blocking for a particular site, click on the Turn off Blocking for this Site button

Meet Firefox Lockwise: Manage Your Passwords Safely and Take them Everywhere

The Firefox Lockwise product suite, formerly known as Firefox Lockbox, the desktop edition will give you more control over your stored passwords with shared Access from every device. With the new desktop extension, Firefox Lockwise will provide an additional touchpoint to store, edit and access your passwords. The extension provides secured experience for your saved logins, which will allow you to more easily manage and maintain the confidentiality to your stored passwords in Firefox. An integrated experience will be observed in Firefox when you switch from desktop to mobile, with a similar layout of key features for easy navigation and access, and easy access to your logins and passwords.


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