This April's fools’ day Google offered to clean your Smartphone

Tech Giant Google has played two April fools’ freak this year. The company has launched the classic arcade game snake in its Google map app and has also mounted a new Screen Cleaner Feature in Files Go app. Now, they have recently announced a feature for Android users which will help them in keeping their smartphones clean from outside.

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The new feature is named as Screen Cleaner claims to swipe all the germs and dirt from your Smartphone's display. Google professes that this feature will vanish dust, dirt, smudges and other unwanted things which are present on your Smartphone's display.

They have also emancipated a video explaining the new feature.

How does it work?


They have developed a smidge detector API which will identify the dirt and smudges on the smartphone display. On successful detecting, the dirt and residues are targeted via micro movements and they are removed from the screen. Then the feature will use phones

vibrating motor and haptic controls to create macro vibrations which will form a nonstick shield around the device and will keep your smartphones clean and sparkling.

How to Use?

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To use this feature user needs to make sure that the app is updated.

  • Open files app.
  • Click on Screen Cleaner option with Activate button.
  • Cleanup process will start.
  • Once done a pop-up message appears in users screen which reads sparkling clean

The feature is associated with the company's file go app which was introduced in 2017. The app is compatible with the devices running on Android 5.0 and above. Organization of files and folders in a smartphone can be full filled by the app.

Its human tendency that using the same features, games, apps we get bored easily but if you are getting updations we are eager to try it out. Just having satisfied customers isn't good enough anymore. If you want to create a booming business, you have to create raving fans and Google knows this mantra!!!!

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