3 Gadgets To Make Life Easy of Visually Challenged

Remote Visual Assistance Glasses

In present days, blind people are using an only stick and many startups are trying to solve their problems upgrading blind sticks only but now its time to try something else, Aira Horizon smart glasses with AI capabilities now assist blind people with voice commands. This hands-free glasses give amazing feel to blind people and now they don't need to carry stick with them.

Consisting of purpose-built Aira Horizon smart glasses connected to the new Horizon Controller, Explorers now only need to keep one device charged, which will provide over seven hours of continuous video streaming with an agent. In addition to the incredible battery life, Aira agents will be receiving 120 degrees of visual field horizontally and vertically which means Aira agents will be able to see more of your surroundings at once leading to less of your time spent moving to get a better view. We know that connectivity is critical and that’s why Horizon comes with superior connectivity; this means Agents will be able to see and read content without needing to take as many pictures for clarity. In addition to the improved design, battery life, connectivity and video quality, Horizon will ship with the first Chloe capability available. Chloe is Aira’s artificial intelligence agent and she can read. With a simple voice command, “Hey Chloe, Read this” Chloe will read any text that you place in front of the camera. A completely hands free experience, you simply look in the direction of something with text on it and Chloe will begin to read its contents. Read signs on the wall while going to a new place, filter through your mail, or read cooking instructions on the back of a box. All you need to do is ask Chloe.

Currency Recognition App

IIT Ropar has developed an Android application Roshni for visually impaired people, it will help them to recognize the old and new currency notes using image processing and analytics. It utilizes deep learning framework, which gives more perfect result so now if you don't have specs at a time, you can easily identify currencies.

E-Reader For The Blind

Bristol Braille Technology is planning to launch the e-reader that increases the experience of reading for blind people. It displays nine lines of text at the time, and refresh lines from the top every time. It's kind of digital blind book. The product is really amazing, it connects technology to the old feelings of people.

The world is really changing many startups and businesses now trying to solve the problem of blind people and maybe in future blind people can also feel the world like us. Keep exploring new things and try to solve the problems with great solutions.


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