Remarkable Smart Home Devices You'll Soon Be Talking About

Remarkable Smart Home Devices You'll Soon Be Talking About

"Home sweet home” is not a cliche anymore. Homes have become really sweet with the addition of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Your home can open the garage for your car, open the door for you, switch on the lights when you are home or away, adjust the thermostat the way you like it, play your favourite music. You can talk to your home when you are bored, ask it to order food, and even make it book you a cab while you are getting ready. Machine learning is reshaping the world of interior designing, and smart home devices have become an inevitable component of modern houses. New devices are being rolled out every year and gadget enthusiasts end up with more features than knowing how to actually use them. Here is a list of three such super-cool gadgets.

1.Amazon Echo Family


The Amazon Echo Family is a Bluetooth speaker powered by Alexa, Amazon's handy voice assistant. Alexa can connect with a number of smart home devices directly, to control plenty of others via "recipes" you can create yourself. It'll take some work, but you can use Alexa to control most of the gadgets in your house by the sound of your voice. If you already have a favourite speaker, the inexpensive Echo Dot can connect to it and add Alexa functionality.

2.iRobot Braava Jet 240

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A vacuuming robot isn't enough these days. Don't you want your floors mopped clean as well? iRobot's relatively inexpensive Braava Jet 240 will do exactly that. It's small, quiet, and perfect for apartment resident without a lot of floor space or time to clean it when they get home. It sprays a jet of water to clean deep, and can even do damp sweeping, like a Swiffer.

3.Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

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There are many ways to trace your sleep these days, from fitness trackers to smartwatches, but perhaps nothing is better than your mattress itself. The basic idea behind Sleep Number's 360 Smart Bed is it incorporates biometric sensors to help you snooze better. You use an app on your smartphone to view your sleep trends and health metrics and to gain intuition on how you can sleep better. It's a hefty investment, but if you have the money to spend, the 360 Smart Bed is a comfortable, effective, and highly customizable way to improve your quality of sleep.


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