Top Cell phones Lens attachments for Mobile Photographers

Top Cell phones Lens attachments for Mobile Photographers

Have you ever wanted a picture of your family and find yourself leaning back to try to fit everyone in the frame? Let's take another scenario if you went to a beautiful beach and you wanna click fabulous pictures but at the background you also want the beautiful waves of water, having a simple mobile camera is not just enough for that. See how olloclip  Super-Wide Lens can solve that problem.

1.Fisheye + Super-Wide + Macro Essential Lenses (Includes Multi-Device Clip)

This bundle includes a Multi-Device Clip, along with Fisheye, Super-Wide and Macro Essential Lenses that offer a 180° spherical effect, a wider field of view and macro magnification to enhance your mobile camera's perspective. This set is also equipped with Connect X Lens System, so you can swap with other Connect X Lenses (for iPhone X or Multi-Device Clip).

Unique, 180° spherical effect to capture everything around you.

Use this for action sports videos, creative portraits, emphasizing unique architecture or landscapes.

  •  Works with most devices.
  • Works with some device cases.
  • Screen protector compatible.

      ×    Not compatible with flash.

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Stability Bundle

Stability Bundle is the add-on set of essentials for quick selfies, candid video moments and amateur photographers. The bundle includes the Pivot (includes lanyard), our mobile video grip, a Tripod stand, Bluetooth Shutter Release, and Microfiber pouch. 

Phone, clips and lenses not included.

Includes: Tripod Stand, Bluetooth Shutter Release, Microfiber pouch, Pivot grip, universal clamp, GoPro mount.

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iPhone XS Max Clip – Connect X

This product is designed for the iPhone XS Max. Due to technical variation between devices, this clip will not fit iPhone X, XR or XS. Make sure to select the right clip for your device above.

The iPhone XS Max Clip is designed to be used with Connect X Lenses. Find compatible lenses for this product HERE. (The Telephoto Essential Lens is not recommended for use with the rear-facing camera on iPhone XR, XS or XS Max. However, our Telephoto Pro works great with these devices.)

  • Works with any Connect X Lens.

      × Does not work with any iPhone 8/7 or iPhone 8/7 Plus Lens.

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