3 'Life-Saver' Products For Bad Skin

3 'Life-Saver' Products For Bad Skin

Giant blind pimples, scared of using new products and gross flaky patches of skin love to show up just as we need our faces to look the best. It's wildly unfair.

It seems we've all developed our own versions of emergency skin rehab in an attempt to swiftly rectify dodgy skin days and ensure a quick return to glowing skin, or at least get things under control so we can get out and do what we need to do. We've got 3 products that will prove to be a life-saver for your skin.




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CeraVe is a simple American skincare brand, similar to Cetaphil, which recently launched in Australia.

Their products are super cheap and effective, plus CeraVe is always name-dropped in interviews with fancy dermatologists about their favourite skincare products.

This would cure the annoying patch of flaky, dry skin that had crept onto my chin. If you need something gentle that would take your makeup off properly, but not strip the skin. Many "gentle" cleansers are lovely but don't actually get rid of dirt or clean the pores.

This cleanser is the best of both worlds and after a double cleanse skin feels clean, but not dry. And best of all, the weird dry patch has completely disappeared. It's a total lifesaver.



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When skin is suffering from a reaction or feels very inflamed, the idea of applying our usual active serums containing ingredients like AHAs, vitamin C or retinol can feel like a bad idea.

Face oils are nourishing and hydrating, plus you don't have to bother with any other steps if you don't feel like it.

IMO, Face Hero is the Go-To's best product and something I always find myself falling back on when my skin turns to shit.

It smells delicious and the concoction of different oils also give the skin a little brightening effect.


Pop on your eye cream at night and that's all you'll need to help restore your skin.



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This is one of my favorite moisturizers which actually works well.

It's very light, so if you have that annoying predicament where your skin is simultaneously oily but dehydrated, this is a good product that won't overload the skin and make it greasy, while still keeping you hydrated.


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