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The author Isaac Gilad, who predicted the formation of the ozone hole in his book 03 (1971), claims in his new book K.G.Isaac Pandemic and Pandemonium which is published these days: US President Donald Trump has vaccinated the coronavirus he intends to expose during or immediately after the presidential election.


Pandemic and Pandemonium

The Chinese Conspiracy Exposed!

• They developed a Corona vaccine, then spread the deadly virus all over the world!
• U.S. commando stole samples of the precious vaccine and handed it to President Trump. 

• When will he expose the Chinese cover-up?
• Who is the mysterious spythat took part in the operation?
• Will Chinaretaliateagainst the U.S.?


Devil's Bride

The book will help you understand where the devil is hiding.




K.G. Isaac, author, scriptwriter and producer, was born in 1949. After completing his military service, he travelled to Italy in order to study medicine at the University of Bologna. There, for the next twenty-five years, he shared his life with an Italian countess, in a luxurious hilltop mansion. During that period he made several excursions to exotic, sometimes dangerous locations.



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