The Coca-Cola Zero Cukru Asfalt NEXT project is launched - for young people

The Coca-Cola Zero Cukru Asfalt NEXT project is launched - for young people

12 promising artists, 12 debut singles and music videos, 12 chances for a breath of fresh air in the Polish phonographic industry. The Coca-Cola Zero Cukru Asfalt NEXT project is launched - a program for young talents, created in cooperation with the Coca-Cola brand and Asfalt Records. This is the first such initiative in the 23-year history of the well-known Warsaw label, which is behind the successes of such artists as OSTR, Taco Hemingway, Otsochodzi, Sarius, or Fisz and Emade. Who will be next? The applications have just started!

What to do to gain publicity and become a famous artist? This path is not always easy. In addition to talent, it requires a lot of perseverance, self-confidence and environmental support. As Marcin Tytus Grabski, head and founder of Asfalt Records, assures, the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Asfalt NEXT program creates an excellent opportunity for young artists who, although they already know a lot, still face barriers in reaching a wider audience. “Our plan is simple - in cooperation with Coca-Cola Zero Cukru, every month, for the next year, we will present debut singles by promising, usually completely unknown artists. However, we will not leave them without substantive help or promotional support. On the contrary, program participants, under the supervision of specialists, will have the opportunity to work on their debut music material, image,

The first artist to take part in the Coca-Cola Zero Cukru Asfalt NEXT project is a 22-year-old RAAW from Wrocław. His ticket to the program was the recording of "Until now". “RAAW is not afraid to experiment and mixes genres with each other in a very successful way. He feels as comfortable in rap as in pop. During the talks, we came up with the idea that Pawbeats should undertake the production and instrumentalisation of his first single - says Bartek Okrój, executive producer at Asfalt Records. - Rafał, like most of our artists, sent his recordings and from the first listening session he became the epitome of the word NEXT. He is talented, hard-working and has his own original style. That is why we decided that his work would open the stakes of the project. "

The program will run throughout the year, until April 2022. Each month, a single by another young artist will be presented, who will submit his application via the website . The representatives of Asfalt Records and Coca-Cola Polska will decide who will go to the final twelve.

“Many young talents are still waiting to be discovered, and Poland lacks programs that could become a springboard for those looking for their place in the world of hip-hop. We decided to change it! As part of Coca-Cola Zero Cukru Asfalt NEXT, we support, develop and push forward talented creators to become the new voice of their generation ”- comments Klaudia Pac, Coca-Cola Digital Project Manager.

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