The song about the vaccine breaks records of popularity

The song about the vaccine breaks records of popularity

"La Vacinada" (vaccinated) - a song by this title that encourages vaccination against Covid-19, became an instant hit in Italy. It is performed by comedian and director Checco Zalone, who performed and danced with Oscar winner Helen Mirren.

Within hours, the video posted without any announcements in social media began to break records of popularity.

In a funny music video, full of optimism and picturesque landscapes, Checco Zalone played the role of a Spanish artist who is touring the land of Salento in southern Italy in a convertible. During this trip he meets a British actress. Her participation in the music video is not accidental, because - as the media emphasize - she has a house in those parts. It is Helen Mirren who is the title "vaccinated".

He plays himself there, the press notes. She reminds that an outstanding actress once said: "How not to love Italy? I would like to play in every film made in Puglia".

"I have a house in Salento and I lead a normal life. I go to festivals, do shopping and take care of the garden" - emphasized the winner of the most important film awards. In the video, Mirren speaks Italian and Zalone sings Spanish about the benefits of the vaccine.

According to the media, everything indicates that the song will be a hit this summer.

From Rome Sylwia Wysocka (PAP)