YouTube Cultural Days festival - online from Friday

YouTube Cultural Days festival - online from Friday

On March 26, on the occasion of International Theater Day, the second online festival will begin - YouTube Dni Kultury. It will last until March 28, Martyna Tomczyk-Bagińska informed PAP on Monday. Over 30 theatres, theatre groups and artists will make their works available.

As Tomczyk-Bagińska explained, "thanks to the cooperation with over 30 theatres, theatre groups and artists, Internet users will be able to watch premieres and archival performances, operas, musical performances, choreographic miniatures, as well as behind-the-scenes materials and unique interviews for three days, including with the rector of the Aleksander Zelwerowicz Theater Academy in Warsaw, Wojciech Malajkat ".

"As part of the event, over 30 theaters, theater groups and artists will make their content available, including: Teatr 21, Juliusz Słowacki Theater in Krakow, Stefan Żeromski Theater in Kielce, Łaźnia Nowa Theater in Krakow, the Capital Montownia Theater and Musical Theater Roma, Teatr Nowy in Poznań, Och Teatr i Teatr Polonia in Warsaw, Opera Wrocławska, Teatr Papahema, Teatr Powszechny in Radom, Studio Buffo, STUDIO Teatrgaleria in Warsaw, Teatr Syrena and Teatr Wielki-National Opera, Teatr Wielki in Łódź, Teatr Współczesny in Warsaw , Ad Hoc Group and Comedy Club "- we read in the information sent.

It was noted that the online premieres "will be presented by theatres and theatre groups that have received funding under the Digital Poland and YouTube grant program: Capitol Theater, Dziewiątka Theater, Stefan Jaracz Theater in Olsztyn, Mały Theater in Tychy, Mumio, Teatr na Ostrowie in Wrocław, The Pingwiny Theater Group, the Start Theater Group and the Runaway Theater ".

It was pointed out that "Internet users will also be able to watch special materials on the YouTube channels of Karol Paciorek, Paulina Mikuła and also Tomasz Raczek".

It was recalled that "the worsening epidemiological situation forced another break, many premieres were moved or cancelled again." "While waiting for the opportunity to meet live, theatres stay in touch with online viewers" - emphasized.

"This is the second time I have a unique opportunity to work with Polish theatres on their online presence and I must admit that observing the transformation from offline to online at such an express pace is one of my favourite professional experiences. I am very pleased that on the occasion of the International Theater Day 29 very diverse theatres and theatre groups from all over the country joined the festival - twice as many as in the previous edition - and that Internet users will be able to watch additional materials prepared by Youtubers "- said Małgorzata Krasowska, Country Manager YouTube Polska, quoted in the information sent.

"My dream is for as many art fans as possible to find something for themselves in the rich festival program and to be as close to theatres as possible. The theatres will surely feel this support and, hopefully, it will make it easier for them to survive the hard times of separation from the audience," she added.

In the program of the 2nd YouTube Cultural Days, viewers will be able to see offers from 29 theatres and theatre groups from all over Poland. "The virtual stage will feature a variety of themes, styles and forms. It will be both serious and funny, nostalgic and innovative. The performances will present many amazing stories, profiles of outstanding people will force you to reflect, but also allow you to take a break from everyday life. actors of Polish scenes and amateurs "- it was written.

The full program of the YouTube Culture Days event and information about all performances and materials can be found at .

It was noted that "one of the proposals is the performance of + Tisha be-Aw + recently awarded with the Passport + Polityka + Teatr 21". "The performance inspired by the eponymous holiday evokes the memory of the victims of the Nazi action T4, which was + the elimination of life not worth living +. The personal experiences of the actors, the gloomy history of the 20th century and the celebration of Tisha B'Av are united in one place," we read about the performance.

"The Papahema Theater decided to take on the figure of Maria Skłodowska-Curie, who, like other pop culture icons - Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Superman - shapes the collective imagination. The show + Skłodowska. Radium Girl + perversely uses the figure of Maria to raise the issues of broadly understood freedom, respecting women's rights, crossing one's own borders, violating the privacy of public figures, overgrowth of ego and ambitions, as well as the tendency to close human life in banal formulas "- wrote about the next performance.

Among the plays available online, there will also be a proposal from the Łaźnia Nowa Theater in Krakow. "In the play + Wałęsa in Kolonos +, about 40 people meet on stage: Jerzy Stuhr, the acting crew known to the audience of Łaźnia Nowa Theater from their performance in + Konformist 2029+, amateur actors in the role of an ancient choir, witnesses to history, politicians. a story based on the ancient tragedy + Oedipus in Kolonos +. They are interested in the archetype of a leader, a figure of a leader, which they find both in mythological and contemporary form, standing at the crossroads of political life "- explained.

It was recalled that Jerzy Stuhr "will also be seen in Polish classics - the play + Na czworakach +, the recording of which the Polonia Theater decided to make available to Internet users for a longer time."

During the festival, you will also be able to watch "an online fantasy about a premiere that did not take place, that is + Fantasia about Ludwiczek + with a final choir to the words + Ode to Joy + Friedrich von Schiller, prepared by the Juliusz Słowacki Theater in Krakow".

"Polish film and cabaret hits will be recalled by Studio Buffo in the second part of the music performance + Tyle miłość +" - it was written. "For lovers of comedy and entertainment forms, the Capitol Theater has prepared a play + Wykrywacz kłamstwa +, in which it turns out that both lying and the desire to discover the truth can be an intoxicating drug that turns into poison" - added.

It was explained that "Internet users will also be able to watch some additional materials prepared especially for the YouTube Culture Days festival". Among them will be, among others Tomasz Raczek's interviews on his YouTube channel with artists and people of the theater.

It was noted that "all content will be available for free on official theaters and creators channels on YouTube." "Most of the materials will be available for 48 hours after the premiere. The spectacles of institutions that received funding under the grant program will be able to be watched by viewers for 7 days from the premiere" - explained.

The festival's honorary patrons are: the National Center for Culture, the Theater Institute Zbigniew Raszewski in Warsaw and Digital Poland (PAP)

author: Grzegorz Janikowski