Alternatives to passwords: 4 ways to safeguard logins to websites or programs

Alternatives to passwords: 4 ways to safeguard logins to websites or programs

The constantly changing authentication process sometimes makes it difficult to know what your password is for any given site and we all have what feels like a million passwords to remember. By putting your personal information or confidential details many passwords are easily hackable.

Without having to enter a traditional password, there are other ways that you can access programs and websites. Check out what alternatives to passwords companies or developers can use — and how they might work in comparison.

  1. 1. Biometric Authentication

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If you use finger print option to access to certain apps or log into phone then, you’re already proving your identity using biometrics to authenticate your accounts

As your DNA is specific only to you and would prove to be a secure method of protection more businesses should invest in ways to implement biometrics into their security efforts.

2.Push Notifications

User can directly use push notifications for authentication,

instead of passwords. When a user attempts to log in, they’ll get a push notification on their smartphone, in order to ensure the right user is signing in. This eliminates the need to look up one-time passwords, which makes for a better user experience overall.

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3.A Digital Certificate

Your identity is verified in more than one way and there’s usually no extra lag time to log in with a digital certificate. There’s no increased wait time for customers typically a higher level of security.  

4.ID Card Authentication

 One of the most technologically advanced countries Estonia and every serious website there uses the national ID card along with PIN codes and a chip reader instead of a password. This ranges from websites to file your taxes, to privately owned banks, and even online forums. By signing into your online bank, other websites also let you sign in. It’s the best way to confirm the identity