How to ensure your Computer’s Safety when you are 24/7 online on the internet ?

How to ensure your Computer’s Safety when you are 24/7 online on the internet ?

Right now in the era of work from home, every one of us has been using our computers 24/7, half of the day for our work and the other time for skype calls, watching movies and so on.

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So simply your internet is on 24/7 until you sleep or wake up, that is the only time your computer is at rest and also your internet is off. Well, all of this sounds good, until there is something you should take precautions for. We all know about computer security threats and how they can affect the systems and destroy your systems, hack your data and all the worst things possible from hacking your passwords to your personal data and so on. Everything is at the risk.

That is why you should be concerned about your Computer Security, and no it is not so tough you just need to take some precautions and then you are done.

Here is a list of measures you can take to secure your computer:

-Use a Good Firewall for your system, you can spend money on this and it will be worth it.


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-Don’t open spam emails or mails you are not sure about as we know they are the easiest way to send viruses along in your computer.

-Having a back up of your data is actually necessary in many cases either it is for security or if your computer’s hard drive gets corrupted. These scenarios are quite troublesome so always have back up data saved onto either Google Drive or Dropbox or any other.

-Use trusted web browsers only, as they can potentially hack your whole computer. Always use browsers from trusted and verified organizations.

- Make your passwords hard to guess, a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers work the best and hard to crack.

-Do not visit sites which you have an idea about can cause trouble, again this is something about do not click anything you see on the internet!

-Do not keep the same password for all your accounts, well this is quite obvious as if one of your passwords gets hacked then boom all your accounts are gone.