Canada's US border closed for another month

Canada's US border closed for another month

Canada's border with the US will remain closed for another month, until April 21, Public Security Minister Bill Blair said on Thursday.

"Restrictions on non-essential travel to and from the United States have been extended until April 21, 2021. We will continue to make decisions based on available medical recommendations to protect Canadians from Covid-19," Blair wrote on Twitter.

Canada's border with the US was closed a year ago, in March last year. and since then, the agreement is renewed every 30 days. Traffic between Canada and the US is limited to the carriage of goods and necessary journeys, only Canadians and permanent residents, as well as persons subject to specific exceptions, including direct family members separated by restrictions. At the beginning of October last year the Canadian government has allowed more family members of Canadians to enter the country, and humanitarian reasons are taken into account - for example, to meet a seriously ill loved one. Anyone benefiting from the extended exceptions must obtain permission to enter Canada before traveling.

Already in February this year. The ban on entry to Canada for travelers from other countries was extended, also until April 21.

In recent weeks, Canada has increased restrictions on travelers, including those returning home. On February 22, mandatory post-flight tests for arriving passengers came into force. In addition to the PCR test, which passengers have shown before boarding the plane since January 7, they are now being tested one more time on arrival and then taken to a hotel where they will await the test results. They bear the costs of the hotel, meals and security measures. People who test negative may continue their journey home for compulsory quarantine thereafter. Canadian media, when the new requirements came into force, reported stories of people who complained about being locked in a hotel, problems with the reservation system or lack of access to bottled water.

The government's travel information page stressed that “Canadians are strongly advised to abandon unnecessary overseas travel or postpone it for the foreseeable future; foreign tourists should also choose not to travel to Canada or postpone these plans. "

There is a fine of up to PLN 3,000 for not booking a hotel. CAD. Last weekend, the federal government announced that more hotels were added to the list of hotels eligible to accommodate people waiting for the test results. Currently, the list approved by Ottawa includes 47 hotels in four cities: Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. Potential travelers have also been warned that if they do not have a way to match the mandatory booking of a selected hotel to the return date, they should change the return date if they do not want to be transferred to a federal quarantine facility, public broadcaster CBC said.

Also in February this year. the obligation to have a negative PCR result was introduced for people crossing the land border. The test must be done no earlier than 72 hours before arrival at the border. The so-called "Essential workers", ie truck drivers, health workers, technicians, the exception also applies to people living in border communities.

From Toronto Anna Lach (PAP)