Export to UK Great Britain for the first time in the black after Brexit Customize

Export to UK Great Britain for the first time in the black after Brexit  Customize

For the first time since Great Britain left the single European market, Poland recorded an increase in exports to this country in April, the Polish Economic Institute (PIE) informed on Tuesday.

According to PIE, the value of sales on the British market was 12 percent. higher than in April 2019 (based on GUS data, in euro).

PIE points out that the results for the first four months of 2021 are still negative (-10% compared to the corresponding period of 2019), but the data indicate a gradual recovery of Polish exports to the Islands after Brexit.

“Imports continue to shrink as a result of Brexit - in April it was 16%. lower than in April 2019. The value of imports of British goods to Poland in the first four months was a quarter lower than in the corresponding period of 2019. " - informs PIE.

According to PIE, from the perspective of the commodity structure, April saw a huge increase in exports in the category of other transport equipment (by 362% compared to 2019), the seventh largest sector in terms of exports to the UK. 207 percent the export of tobacco products has also increased.

“Furniture (23%), food products (7%), electrical appliances (14%) and chemicals (17%) also recorded a significant improvement in performance. These sectors had the greatest impact on the increase in the value of exports, 'reads the release.

The April increase in Polish exports to the UK is also confirmed by the data of the British statistical office, ONS (the change in pounds is lower, but still positive - an increase of 3%).

According to PIE, such a result was not achieved by the European Union (as a whole), whose exports to Great Britain in April were still lower than in 2019 by over 17%. (although a slowdown in the decline is visible). Meanwhile, data on imports show the opposite situation - UK exports to the EU have already reached almost the level of 2019 (in April 2021 it was only 2% lower than in April 2019), while British exports to Poland continued is going through a breakdown - in April there was a decrease of 22.5 percent. (compared to 2019) (PAP)