Seasonal water stations are launched in Masuria, on the Baltic Sea

Seasonal water stations are launched in Masuria, on the Baltic Sea

At the beginning of May, PKN Orlen will re-launch 6 of its surface stations for sailors and motorboats, which are located in Masuria, on the Baltic Sea, and on the Zegrze Reservoir. According to the company, these facilities, offering food products in addition to fuel, will be open until September.

"PKN Orlen is launching its water stations in Masuria, at the seaside and on the Zegrze Reservoir. Water sports enthusiasts will be able to use Orlen coastal fuel stations from the long May weekend" - the company announced on Wednesday. As he said, "six Orlen stations will be waiting for motorboats and sailors in the period from May to September 2021".

According to the concern, its surface stations will be open in Piękna Góra, Sztynort, Węgorzewo, and Mikołajki in Masuria, and Nieporęt on the Zegrze Reservoir and Puck on the Baltic Sea. As explained in the announcement, the launch of the station in Giżycko in Masuria, due to the ongoing modernization of the quay, is planned for the second half of June this season - temporarily its function will be taken over by the facility in Piękna Góra, located approx. 4 km further, which can be reached via the Giżycko canal and then Lake Kisajno.

PKN Orlen emphasized that its water stations, in addition to fuel products, such as diesel oil and 95 lead-free petrol, also offer food and industrial products, and payments can be made there using payment cards and the Orlen Pay mobile application.

As the concern pointed out, "Orlen petrol stations on the water eliminate refueling with canisters that are burdensome for motorboats and sailors". The information stated that these facilities were designed and built "with care for the protection of the natural environment and are completely safe for land and water".

"The stations have double-shell tanks, a 24-hour remote measurement, and a leakage detection system. Additional protection is the cover of the tank module in the form of a drainless concrete tray, which prevents any contamination from penetrating into the ground" - explained PKN Orlen.

The company added that "in order to protect the fuel against uncontrolled leakage during refueling, anti-spill sorption sleeves are used to stop water spills of fuel or oils". "During refueling, the hermetic vapor suction system also works, which prevents fuel vapors from escaping into the atmosphere" - emphasized the report. (PAP)