The world's most valuable brands appreciated by 42 percent.

The world's most valuable brands appreciated by 42 percent.

The combined value of the most valuable brands reached $ 7.1 trillion, which is equivalent to the combined GDP of France and Germany, research company Kantar said. It was noted that during the year they increased in value by an average of approx. 42%.

The world's most valuable brands, Kantar BrandZ, for 2021 show that the world's most valuable brands saw record growth, with the total value of the brands included in the ranking reaching $ 7.1 trillion, equivalent to the combined GDP of France and Germany. It was written that the increase by 42% results from consumer optimism, which appeared thanks to the availability of vaccines, aid packages for the economy and better forecasts of GDP dynamics.

It was indicated that there were as many as 56 American brands in the top 100, with Amazon and Apple being the leaders of the ranking. Each of these brands, it has been calculated, is now worth over half a trillion dollars. The fastest growing brand is Tesla, which at the same time won the laurel of the most valuable brand in the automotive world, increasing its value by 275 percent. year on year and reaching a value of $ 42.6 billion.

The information shows that as many as five brands have more than doubled their value. These are: Pinduoduo, Meituan, Moutai and TikTok from China and the American Tesla. It was noted that the value of the entire ranking list increased thanks to 69 brands that have increased their value by at least 5% since 2020, as well as 13 newcomers in this group, including: Zoom, Nvidia, AMD and Spotify.

Technology brands dominate at the top of the Kantar BrandZ ranking. It was noted that the new technologies also enabled brands from other industries to achieve significant growth, such as Gucci, which skillfully used the power of TikTok during the pandemic, and Domino's, a brand that benefited from a combination of online services and food delivery. "Currently, the 10 most valuable brands are valued at $ 3.3 trillion, while the top ten in 2011 was worth $ 800 billion," we read. It has been calculated that in 2021 American brands increased their value by an average of 46%. on a year-to-year basis, which - as we read - means that the United States currently accounts for 74 percent. the total value of the Top 100, despite the fact that the country's share in global GDP is only 24%.

It was also indicated that China had strengthened its advantage over Europe. The share of Chinese brands increased from 11 percent. Top 100 ranking values ​​in 2011 to 14 percent. this year. In turn, European brands currently account for 8 percent. value of the ranking, while in 2011 it was 20 percent.

"The 2020/2021 period was record-breaking in terms of brand growth, and although many faced difficulties during this time, our research has once again proved that strong brands generate significantly higher returns for shareholders, are more resilient and quicker to deal with. are coming out, ”said Kantar's marketing director Nathalie Burdet, quoted in the information. He noted that in 2020 the share of e-commerce increased from 12%. up to 15 percent total global sales, meaning it has been a positive year for brands in this value chain - from retailers to courier companies such as FedEx and UPS. "Growth was also recorded in industries that were predicted to be in difficulties at the start of the pandemic. For example, the combined growth of clothing brands in the ranking was even greater than that of the media and entertainment industries,"

In addition to Amazon's success, it was reported that Chinese e-commerce brands grew significantly: Alibaba, ranked 7th in the global ranking, strengthened its position as the second most valuable retail brand, and Pinduoduo was the fastest growing retail brand. E-commerce giants, however, are not the only winners in the retail sector, it said: Home Depot saw a 22% increase in value. thanks to an 86% increase in online sales, while Walmart gained 30% and Lowe's 51%.

It was noted that subscription models turned out to be an important driver of success for many companies. One of the best examples is Microsoft (+26%), which has gained value with innovative offers to help users adapt to new work environments and switching to subscription models for added convenience and scalability. Growth was achieved by Xbox (+55%), Disney (+13%) and Netflix (+55%). "Subscription models allow for the addition of value to a wide range of brands outside the technology sector - examples include brands such as Lululemon, Nike, Mercedes-Benz and Heineken: the issue of Chinese baijiu-type alcoholic beverages. The most valuable alcohol brand in the world - as it is written - is Moutai ($ 109.3 billion), which has doubled its valuation in one year and is now four times more valuable than Budweiser (the second most valued alcohol brand in the world: $ 25.5 billion) . Heineken turned out to be the fastest growing beer brand, achieving a 16 percent increase in value. (No. 4 in the ranking of the alcohol sector).

In the luxury goods category, brand value increased by 34%, mainly driven by French and Italian luxury fashion houses such as LVMH, which are investing in corporate reputation through pandemic initiatives, sustainable transformation and support for social movements such as Black Lives Matter. In turn, the L'Oréal Paris brand - as it was written - successfully went against the tide and, contrary to the trends prevailing among cosmetic brands during the pandemic, ensured its growth by strengthening its strengths and promoting the strength and agency of women. (PAP)

author: Ewa Wesołowska


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