5 Big Changes every Classroom will need to inculcate for the new era of education

5 Big Changes every Classroom will need to inculcate for the new era of education

Education is about teaching, learning, and knowledge. The future classrooms need to be different in order to become relevant for the new era of education. When our grandparents recall their school days they used to attend their classes under a tree. Then classrooms came into existence where we need to copy down the notes from the blackboard. With time duster and chalk got replaced with touchscreens. Now the scenario is the Virtual world i.e. through Virtual Reality and Augmented reality students are able to gain knowledge.

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However, the journey will be much more exciting in the next decade. Here are the 5 things that will not be the same in future classrooms:

1.Question Paper and Answer sheet


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We have already witnessed the tests which are conducted online. However, as technology becomes more accessible it will largely replace pen- paper-based tests. Evaluation of tests will be fast and accurate using AI and algorithms.

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  1. 2. Practice Books


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Practice makes a man perfect. But technology will change the way students practice. There are few apps available which provide practice questions, with a detailed explanation, and assessment.

3.Computer labs



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There was a time where students used to wait the whole week for their computer class lab which was conducted once in a week so that they could get a chance to touch, feel and see the magic box. But it's normal to have PC, Smartphones nowadays. In the upcoming era, these labs will follow Bring-your-own-device and Do-it-yourself approach. Meanwhile, teachers will take the role of mentors.



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Students need to carry lumps of books to their school but the EBooks has become the need of the hour. It has and will customize the learning journey for every student based on speed, understanding, and interests.

5.Benches and desks

The rows of benches are  arranged in such a way that students focus on the teacher delivering a lecture and demonstrating concepts on the board. But this approach will soon be out. Future classrooms will have flexible  seating arrangements suited for the task that students are working on. The design will also consider comfort of students.

Children must be taught how to think not what to think.After all the whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows...


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