Become Big Data Engineer with Data Streaming Course

Become Big Data Engineer with Data Streaming Course

Data Streaming

Figure out how to process information continuously by building familiarity with present-day information designing instruments, for example, Apache Spark, Kafka, Spark Streaming, and Kafka Streaming. You'll begin by understanding the parts of information gushing frameworks. You'll at that point assemble an ongoing examination application. Understudies will likewise aggregate information and run investigation, just as draw experiences from reports created by the gushing console.


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Data Engineer is one of the best jobs for 2019, with a base salary of $100k.


  • Foundations of Data Streaming

    Learn the fundamentals of stream processing, including how to work with the Apache Kafka ecosystem, data schemas, ApacheAvro, Kafka Connect and REST proxy, KSQL, and Faust Stream Processing. CHICAGO PUBLIC TRANSIT
  • Streaming API Development and Documentation

    Grow expertise in the components of streaming data systems, and learn how to build a real-time analytics application. Understand the dimensions of Spark streaming, ingest streaming data to Apache Spark Structured Streaming, and integrate Spark streams into Kafka. SAN FRANCISCO CRIME RATE