Education: How it should be like?

woman standing at front of concrete fence wearing academic uniform

Life will not stop surprising us at any point in time in our life. One has to update themselves with the time in order to stay in trend or to survive. For me, the most important thing in an individual’s life is to be educated.

Education doesn't mean that just qualifying hard exams or something like that. Education itself is life.

What Education really is?

If someone asks me to define education in one word so I would simply answer "Awareness". To be aware of the truth or anything which is going on around you itself is an education.

What we study in school, are the conventions made by some greatest personalities in the past. For that point in time, it was necessary to have something like this.

People were not much aware of the possibilities of the future in a particular field. Every sector has some sort of scope if we do and execute things needed in a proper manner.

The sad truth is that we are still following the same techniques and propaganda to educate ourselves. We are still following the same old ideas to be capable of.

MAGIX Innovation that Inspires True Creative Freedom

The high-level competitive exams are meaningless in my vision. There is no creativity and innovation being reflected. If you will examine the syllabus they are following, it is still that old version contents with minimal possibilities to help us in the future.

We need to acquire a practical way to approach. Examine the abilities and interests of a particular individual to make him or her the best person he or she can be.

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