Free Online Classes During COVID days initiative taken by 13 years old girl

Free Online Classes During COVID days initiative taken by 13 years old girl

As we all know even in COVID days some of the schools were restricting their student to attend online classes because of late or no fee deposit.

Antra observed this issue and started chapter by chapter classes for 7th and 8th students.

When his brother asked her what she wants on her birthday so she asked for a blackboard to teach students online.

In COVID we have seen many uncertain and bad things but as a society, we have seen people beyond their age working for good and support.

Antra also started with a small initiative of Smart Classed By Antra Pandey. This shows we always don't need to do a big thing to support society, it can be very small things that can make an impact.

Antra has been nominated for various awards from different Indian NGOs for her contribution.

At the time of her interview, we have asked her what's her long term goal,
She replied:

"I wanted to teach students who are unprivileged and even can not afford internet connect to learn things. I will try to make a community that can help students to learn new skills and give them a chance to contribute to our national growth."

We asked Is she planning to launch any paid courses also?

She replied no she will work on free courses and education.

We asked how she is getting time instead of her own studies?

She replied:

" After school, I am working on this initiative at least for one hour."

We wish the best of luck to Antra Pandey and wanted to aks NGOs and other societies to collaborate with Antra Pandey and other people like her to educate our society.

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