How LS Educate will help you to shape your kid's Future

How LS Educate will help you to shape your kid's Future

We understand the importance of each and every decision you make to shape your kid's future that's why at LS Educate we have skilled and experienced professionals who can give your child the best one to one sessions according to requirement. 

Many times we think our kid is younger and at this point of time he doesn't need any kind of coding classes but as we know coding and programming is not only about talking to a computer, it's one of the best ways by which your kid can improve it's numerical and thinking capabilities.


So the question you may ask is Why LS Educate?

In our country, we have a lack of knowledge in terms of school students coding competitions and open source programs. In this fast pace of development, we all know coding is one of the best things which anyone can learn. That’s why we have introduced this one to one live learning program direct from industry experts, top open source contributors, and competitive programmers. We also guide you on how to explore opportunities that can boost your career!

 We understand for different kids, there can be a different way of learning and that’s why we have introduced one to one live learning program where your kid can learn and explore the good opportunities.


A skilled person having experience in programming, competitive programming, and, open-source contribution. LS Educator also knows about Google Summer Of Code, Google Code-In, Hacktoberfest, Indian Computing Olympiad, Capture the flag junior, and other important exams and events which can boost your kid’s career.

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Who will teach your kid?

LS Educator will teach. Our experienced professionals having experience in open source contests like GSOC, Mozilla Open Source, Hacktoberfest, and coding competition like ACM-ICPC who will teach and guide you kid.

A Teacher’s line can impact a student’s life in an unexplained way, they have the capability to shape their student’s future. That is why our teachers are the developers who understand how they can execute the best from the children’s innocence and their unending intriguing nature. The teachers are well experienced and passionate developers who can shape your kid's future and make them great coders.


How do we organize online classes?

As simple as basic in today's era, we will simply provide you the details of online video conferencing software that will be used for the classes and you can choose from our slots depending on your kid’s availability.


Do you need to worry about the class schedule?

You don’t need to worry about this because we schedule classes according to you and your kid’s schedule so that you can easily focus on either your activities or stay with your kid. We have various slots available from which you can choose from easily, if there are timezone issues you can request a new time slot too without any hesitations. We make sure that the whole process should be hassle-free for you, totally!


Steps to start:

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2. And click on Get Started to schedule a free demo class

It's very simple now to shape your kid's future.