How to read in an effective and productive way

How to read in an effective and productive way

How to read in an effective and productive way?

Work smarter, not harder they say, this is one of the best sayings you will get in your life. You should focus on doing your tasks smartly and by this phrase, we mean doing things in less time and more efficiency with more knowledge consumption. All of us know that reading is a very good habit, it gives you much more knowledge than people who don’t read. But imagine reading in such a way that in lesser time you are getting more efficient output.

Let’s find out how to do that?

Be clear about what you are reading and why?

Many of us discover that we love reading, some people love fiction while others prefer non-fiction also there is no shortage of people who prefer both. You may have read a lot of articles on the best books to read! This strategy is totally good if you are already a reader, but if you are searching for your first book then get clear about what sort of book do you want to read, this would gradually increase your interest in reading and finishing that book.

Don’t try to read only one book at a time

Although this is not mandatory it can be done to experiment. You may have been reading a single book and complete it and then move onto another book. But maybe if you started finding that book boring at a particular stage either you will procrastinate or your reading speed would go slow. So, it’s better to choose 2-3 books and hop onto another book if you are not in the mood of your current book.

Take notes of what you are reading

You read, read and keep reading, Well that is how it works right? You know what happens afterwards, you forget! Yes, and to avoid this you can take notes of what are you reading. I am not telling you to make note of it like you do while studying. Making notes while reading just means writing down something you liked the most about any specific paragraph, page or just if you feel like to. In every book, there are some great lines that truly affect us, so just pen down that line as soon as it hit you so that it can create a longer impact on you. Also, you can come and read your notes book anytime without having to read the whole book whenever you feel low in life!

Your Reading Environment really affects you, so take a note of it.

You may like to read at night, morning or whichever time make sure it is a comfortable one for you. Surely reading at night relaxes your mind to a great level and promises you of great sleep. You can also make some coffee, light some fragrance candles to make that cosy and positive environment and lay down in your bed with your favourite blanket. Just try to explore ways in which environment you feel the most comfortable and start reading.


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