Increase productivity without giving up your free time

In schools, we have seen that some students prepare weekdays and weekend for examination besides that some students take a few days to prepare for the same exam and score good marks. To become a success in life you should do productive work with a targeted plan. Same in office, some guys complete there work in the specified time and some are suffering for the same task and become a frustrated employee. We all have the same hours in a day, some are successful and some are not. We need to be productive and smart to work on tasks. Today we will discuss how to prioritize our time and energy will dedicate our ability to execute tasks efficiently.

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According to this rule, 80% of your results will be generated from 20% of your focused efforts. This was discovered when economist Vilfredo Pareto noticed that 20% of his garden peapods produced 80% of his peas. 


Working when you are in stress will not give your results for sure so take a rest or break when you will get bored, frustrated, and tired of work. Most of the successful person try to get good sleep to increase their productivity. 


If you find yourself feeling stressed out, remember to hit pause, and give yourself a time out. While a bit of stress can help light a fire, too much cortisol release in your brain can (and likely will) lead to reduced cognitive functioning, decreased performance, and a lack of productivity. Give yourself time to go on a walk, practice some deep breathing, and meditate.


Productive people list their tasks according to the priority and put the deadline with a specific task. Do your tasks like a game where time is your lifeline only. The most productive people plan their work based on their top priorities and work accordingly around that. Create a detailed to-do list each night and review it to enhance your strategy.


Focus on your targets and work, don't think about others plan what they are doing and what they are getting. Always complete your work before helping others. These are the important rules to be more productive.