iRobot Obtains Root Robotics to Boost STEM Education for Kids

iRobot Obtains Root Robotics to Boost STEM Education for Kids

iRobot is set to acquire Root Robotics, in order to “support iRobot’s plans to diversify its educational robot product offerings, further demonstrating its commitment to making robotic technology more accessible to educators, students and parents.”

Currently, iRobot is selling Root for $200, along with a companion app and integrated K-12 curriculum.

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What Do You Need To Know About Root?

The root is packed full of sensors and interactive elements, which makes it both fun and interesting to use. But from the start, the focus of Root was education, it’s very important to understand that Root is not a toy robot that also teaches, but instead, it’s an educational device for teaching coding skills that also happens to be a robot. Robots will evolve to be fun to play with, which is part of Root’s appeal, but the reason that Root exists is to provide a compelling focus for coding, turning conceptual code into a thing that moves around and interacts with the world.

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How does it work?

Root was designed to be an educational robot for children as young as 4, in some cases teaching very basic coding concepts even before children know how to read. This can be viable only if you can program Root by dragging and dropping symbols with pictures on them into the app interface. You can only do very simple things this way, but once you’re ready for more, it’s an easy transition to a more computational interface, where the visual symbols expand to put things like logical operations, sensor values, and adjustable variables. The last step is to switch over to full-text coding in Swift, Python, or JavaScript, but being able to toggle back to the more visual interface makes the transition easy.

The Root has the potential to take kids through middle school and even high school, but we wanted to know what happens next if you’ve got a particularly bright kid who wants to be able to do more. “When you reach the highest limit of what Root does right out of the box, what we’ll see in the future is the ability to hack Root and build on top of it,” says Dubrovsky. “We’re also  planning to release SDKs for Root.” Angle adds, “we’ll be giving more capabilities to Root over time, which we’re not announcing today, but this is a beginning, not an end. The root is a platform that has the scalability to add more accessories and sensors.”

It seems to be a good match as "There is no greater investment you can make in your child’s future than helping them learn the language of coding."


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