Make Your Kid Next Bill Gates

Make Your Kid Next Bill Gates



LS Educate makes young coders by providing them one to one online classes with our highly experienced professionals. We came up with this idea because of this:

We all know the current era is ERA OF TECH and if you want your kid to be expand the thinking skills and interact with technology. We provide a platform where your kid will interact with top-notch tech streams from scratch and they will get know how it is important for the future.

Why You Should Choose Us?


We deliver one to one classes by which a kid can get a real benefit of learning and he or she can clear doubts easily.


We know how much content is important for any kind of education that's why we have created a balanced combination of T&P.


We are providing flexible digital payment options and the best thing is you can pay us in EMIs also so there is no hurdle for your kid's future.


We schedule classes as per your kid's schedule because we want the full concentration of a student in our classes.




What is LS Educate?

LS Educate is a platform where we provide one to one online session to your kid by which he or she can be a next Bill Gates, Linus Torvalds, or a good coder.


Who will teach your kid?

Experienced Professionals having good practical knowledge will guide and teach your guide by following a syllabus created after a long research by professionals.


Do you need to worry about the schedule?

You don’t need to worry about this because we schedule classes according to your kid schedule.


How we organise do online classes?

We will do online one to one classes with your kid by using online video conferencing software.

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