Microsoft aims to train and certify 15000 techies in AI by 2022

Microsoft aims to train and certify 15000 techies in AI by 2022

There is no contradiction in the fact that tech talent exists in new and emerging technologies in India. In fact, there is a huge demand for IT professionals trained in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the country and tech companies are struggling to fill AI positions. The tech giant Microsoft is sinking money into certification and training for a range of AI-related skills in partnership with education provider General Assembly, the company notified recently. Their goal is to upskill some 15,000 people by 2022 in order to increase the pool of AI talent around the world.

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The training will spin around AI, machine learning, data science, cloud, data engineering and more.

In the very first year, Microsoft will focus on training 2,000 workers to transition to an AI and machine learning role. And over the full three years, they will train an additional 13,000 employees with AI-related skills.

To complete this goal Microsoft is joining hands with the General Assembly’s new AI Standards Board, along with other companies. In the upcoming six months, the Board will help to define AI skills standards, develop assessments, design a career framework and create credentials for AI skills.

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The company ensures that the result of training will also focus on filling the AI jobs currently available where Microsoft technologies are involved. Many workers today are not skilled enough for roles involving the use of Azure in aerospace, manufacturing and elsewhere, noted Microsoft.

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General Assembly will help Microsoft by connecting its 22 campuses and the broader Adecco ecosystem to the jobs pipeline. Both the organisations together plan to create an AI Talent Network to source candidates for long-term and short-term employment.

“As technology is the growing company is looking forward to driving innovation, we have a responsibility to help workers access the AI training they need to ensure they thrive in the workplace today and in future,” said the executive vice president and president of Global Sales, Marketing and Operations at Microsoft, in a statement. “We are excited to combine our industry and technical expertise with General Assembly to help close the skills gap and ensure businesses can maximize their potential in our AI-driven economy.”


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