Osmo releases iPad learning kit for preschoolers

Osmo releases iPad learning kit for preschoolers

At the early stage it's very much important for any child to get the best guide.Here's an interesting alternative to playing your toddler more Sesame Street reruns: Osmo which an Edtech company has launched an iPad-enabled learning tool for the nursery set.The company has targeted to develop the tool for children between age 3 to 5 years old. The Little Genius Starter Kit is designed in such a way that children may enjoy playing and while they are playing they will be learning as well. There are list of four interactive games which aims to teach younger ones

  •  alphabet
  • The essentials of drawing
  • Creative thinking
  • Problem-solving


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Osmo is known for it's iPad learning tool which teaches kids how to code,how to build race cars, building vocabulary or learning maths. They even have a wide range of Starter kit which teaches children spelling and arithmetic.

It also comes with an iPad and board attachments that turns tablet into hands on game.For example: The game will be like shape will be given and kids will then replicate their drawings on iPad screen.

Theorists  Maria Montessori and Friedrich Froebel with advanced computer vision has favored it. Osmo says,"They give hands on experience to kids."

The game's cover all the combination of learning vocabulary, building more artistic confidence, sort similar objects and solve problems.Its now available on Amazon.Let your Kids learn themselves...