3 Netflix Shows That Can Be Fun To Watch This Weekend

3 Netflix Shows That Can Be Fun To Watch This Weekend

If you are not planning to go out this weekend and just wanna rest at your home then no need to get bored. Get into a crime documentary marathon with Netflix. As always Netflix is the best producers of criminal minded content. Here we've browsed the list of 3 Netflix shows that can be fun to watch.

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1.Murder Mystery


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The movie is filled with comic stereotypes. In some instances, stereotypes can simply be funny and not offensive. Both Adam Sandler and Jennifer Ministry's European vacation starts with fun on a yacht. The twist comes when the elderly billionaire owner is killed in mysterious circumstances. And, the ‘Americans’ are blamed for it. While on the run, will the couple manage to solve the case?



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Leila is the story of a mother searching for her daughter in the totalitarian state of Aryavarta. There are multiple themes, but two are dominant: one is the touching story of a mother who is ready to go to any extent to find her daughter after she is separated from her two years back, and the other is the horror of living on the wrong side in an authoritarian state. While the overall theme is that of despair and horror, there are some clear high points and low points.

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3.The Alcasser Murders


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The tragic story of three girls who went out and never came home. In rural Spain, Miriam Garcia Iborra, Antonia Gomez Rodriguez, and Desiree Hernandez Folch were missing for two months before their bodies were found.

The media frenzy surrounding their disappearance, murder, and the trial that followed is all covered in this five-part documentary. A hard watch but a fascinating insight into how people can mishandle tragedy.


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