Disney + restricts children's filming due to political correctness

Disney + restricts children's filming due to political correctness

In the offer for children on the Disney + streaming service, the small viewer will no longer find classic cartoons such as "The Jungle Book", "Tramp in love", "Peter Pan" or "Dumbo"; Like other media groups, Disney tries to adapt its content to the current requirements of political correctness - writes "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" on Sunday.

These fairy tales can still be viewed in the adult profile, but with the comment: "This show contains negative presentations (...) These stereotypes were once wrong and still are."

Disney argues that instead of removing these adult films from its offer, it wants to openly talk about their "harmful effects" and open the discussion to "make the future even more inclusive" together.

In a video posted on the Stories Matter website, an initiative in which Disney examines storytelling in their films, actress Geena Davis, founder of the Institute for the Study of Gender Representation in Media, says: "What our children see, it sets the framework for what they think is possible in life. "

What message, Davis asks, are children receiving when we cast characters in "one-dimensional, stereotypical, exaggerated, or over-sexualized" roles? (PAP)