Netflix will order series from Russian producers for the first time

Netflix will order series from Russian producers for the first time

The American streaming service Netflix will start ordering series from Russian producers and has already signed the first contract - for a modern screening of "Anna Karenina". Until now, the website did not place orders with producers from Russia but only bought ready-made series from them.

Netflix is ​​discussing four or five projects with Russian producers, the daily "Kommersant" reported on Monday. The website has signed a contract with the Russian studio 1-2-3 Production, belonging to the Gazprom Media group, for the modern screen adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's novel "Anna Karenina".

The next series will probably be produced by the Russkoje film studio, which permanently cooperates with the state-owned TV channel Kanal 1. It is supposed to be a drama series set in the 1990s, ie in the period after the collapse of the USSR. The director of the series will be Daria Żuk, an artist from Belarus, who in 2018 gained wide publicity with her directorial debut - the film "Kryształ".

According to "Kommersant", Netflix has focused on investing in the Russian market and creating production specifically for this market. In 2020, the website concluded a partnership agreement with a Russian company, which now acts as its operator in Russia. In the first half of 2020, Netflix's share in the Russian movie service market was only 3 percent, but in 2021 it may increase to 10 percent.

Producers expect that the entry of the American giant into the production market in Russia will increase competition for producers, directors, operators and screenwriters who will be able to gain international recognition. National TV channels and streaming services could lose top artists as a result.

From Moscow Anna Wróbel (PAP)

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