Important message on the International Dance Day 2021

Important message on the International Dance Day 2021

Movement is the beginning of everything - it is our instinct - and dance is a movement refined and refined so that we can communicate with it - wrote the ballet dancer Friedemann Vogel from Germany in his speech on the occasion of the International Dance Day 2021.

The International Dance Day was established on April 29, 1982 by the Dance Committee of the International Theater Institute (ITI). This day was chosen not by accident - April 29 is the anniversary of the birth of the great reformer of dance art Jean-Georges Noverr.

On the occasion of the worldwide celebration of people of the art of dance, ITI asks various artists from this field of art every year to write an occasional message.

This year, the Institute of Music and Dance (IMiT), in cooperation with ITI, published on Thursday the Polish translation of the message by Katarzyna Pastuszak, written on the occasion of this holiday by the ballet dancer Friedemann Vogel from Germany.

Below we publish the text of the message:

"Movement is the beginning of everything - it's our instinct - and dance is movement that is refined and refined so that we can communicate with it. Of course, a perfect dance technique is important and can make an impression, but in the end, the essence of dance is what a dancer and dancer can do. express in the smallest detail of movement "- wrote Vogel.

"As dancers and dancers, we are constantly on the move. We constantly strive to create unforgettable moments of movement. Regardless of the dance genre we move in. And when it suddenly turns out that we cannot perform live, because theaters are closed, and the festivals canceled - our rushing worlds are suddenly stopped, "we read in the message. "No physical contact. No performances. No audience. For the first time in recent history, the entire dance community is facing the challenge of staying motivated and finding its raison d'être" - emphasized the author.

He pointed out that "however, it is when we lose something valuable that we begin to appreciate the true value of our actions and the importance of dance for society as a whole".

"Dancers and dancers are often respected for exceptional physical fitness, despite the fact that our great strength lies in the psyche. I believe that this unique combination of physical and mental fitness will help us overcome difficulties, create ourselves anew so that we can continue to dance and inspire" Vogel concluded his message.

Friedemann Vogel described Friedemann Vogel as "The world star of dance who never lost the ground under his feet". A year later he received the prestigious German Dance Prize in the category "outstanding performer "in recognition of his long and excellent international career.

As recalled on the IMiT website, "Vogel dreamed of being a dancer from a very early childhood". "It is all the more surprising that the first full-length documentary about him is entitled + Friedemann Vogel - Incarnation of Dance + (+ Friedemann Vogel - dance incarnation +). For over twenty years, this award-winning artist has performed on renowned stages around the world, gaining critical acclaim and the audience "- we read in the note about the artist.

It was recalled that he "danced at the La Scala in Milan, the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow and the World Ballet Festival in Tokyo, among others.

"Known for both his deeply moving portraits in dramatic ballets and his electrifying performances in more contemporary works, Friedemann Vogel received the honorary title + Kammertaenzer + - Germany's highest award for dancers," wrote about the dancer.

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author: Grzegorz Janikowski