Google and the French press have signed an agreement on online content

Google and the French press have signed an agreement on online content

Google and the French press publishers association (APIG) signed a framework agreement on Thursday to financially reward newspapers and magazines for their online content, announced in a joint release. This is the first contract of this type in Europe.

The agreement sets out the rules under which Google will negotiate individual license agreements with APIG members. The criteria to be taken into account will include the number of daily publications of a given title and the network traffic they generate.

The contracts of individual newspapers with the Internet giant will allow them, among others receive remuneration for related rights for displaying their content in the Google search engine. They will also allow access to the new platform of the "Google News Showcase" concern, on which selected articles of individual newspapers are published. The reader can read them for free, even if you have to pay for them on the pages of specific titles; Google, in turn, pays publishers to post their material on this site.

Google and APIG have not announced the number of contracts with individual members of the association, consisting mainly of national and local newspapers.

According to the chairman of the Les Echos-Le Parisien media group, Pierre Louette, the agreement means "the effective recognition of related rights of press publishers and the beginning of digital platforms rewarding them for using their online publications".

Sebastien Missoffe, Google's chief operating officer in France, said that signing the agreement opens up "new perspectives" for the editorial offices.

The deal comes after months of negotiations between Google and French publishers to apply EU copyright rules, which allow editors to charge online platforms for showing snippets of their news, reminds Reuters. The implementation of these arrangements will certainly be watched by other internet giants, such as Facebook - added.


The contract was concluded for a period of three years. This is the first agreement of this type in Europe, but it does not cover the entire French press, including press agencies, but only APIG members, comments AFP. (PAP)

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